Spirit Matter

With the Spirit Matter series, I am painting in reverse. The canvas is dyed with a dark black or indigo. I then begin bleaching parts of the surface to reveal lighter areas. The process happens slowly, in many layers, as I attempt to encourage an ethereal light into the artwork. The result is hopefully very open and suggestive of a numinous experience. The paintings are not depictions of Spirit, how can one paint the invisible? Rather, they are an evocation, an echo, a vapour. They point towards a presence you catch out of the corner of your eye, just before it slips away.

A Mountain is Harder to Climb than you Think

In November 2021, I undertook my most arduous challenge to date. I carried three stone sculptures, their plinths, three paintings and a mobile studio, on his back up to the remote ‘Bone Caves’ in the far north of Scotland. I set up a studio and completed the paintings in the cave, camping overnight. I was joined by a small film crew and my two sons. The first iteration of the exhibition took place in the cave, the morning after his ascent. 

This exhibition presents the completed artworks, accompanied by the film documenting his experience. Hosted by LTD Ink Corporation and presented by The Rafiki Gallery. April, 2022.

Time Travel

Solo exhibition at SpaceBY, a platform curated by The Fourth Gallery, Cape Town. Channelling Giotto, Aceton, Artiemis, birdsong and the space-time continuum. December 2021


These works on found journal paper are part of an ongoing series I’ve been working on over the past year or so. They sit at an intersection between an ancient recollection and an instinct for where I’m headed. They are my face, and flickers of other faces I’ve seen and stored in my subconscious. Maybe some of them come from much earlier, from some kind of collective subconscious. They have become part of my daily studio practice. I often make one at the end or beginning of the day. They are a great release and happen spontaneously, sometimes easily and sometimes with great struggle.

Drawings from Memory (ancient and recent)

Oil stick on found journal paper

18 x 25cm (unframed)


200days/200works/200pounds challenge. From the middle of 2021 I released a new work on Instagram every day for 200 days. Each work was available for £200. The works all sold and led to my next challenge, 365/365/365 which will run for the duration of 2022.