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The Daily Paintings

Born in the middle of the pandemic, this ‘Daily Paintings’ project was my DIY punk-inspired response to a world in shutdown. To try and find a new connection, beyond the usual channels, I decided to launch myself into releasing a small painting or drawing every day on Instagram. I hadn’t engaged fully with social media until this point so it was an experiment with an unknown outcome. Initially I committed myself to making and releasing 100 paintings on 100 consecutive days and each work was available for 100 pounds. The amount was intended to be accessible to everyone, and thus removed from the rest of my practice. Instead of stopping at 100 days I continued on for another 500 consecutive days, finding the wildness of the project inspiring. All of the works found homes, many in far away places. Some of the ideas and techniques that I have loved most over the past couple of years have grown out of the experimental chaos of this project.


So I have continued the project beyond the 600 days. A new work appears here every few days now, sometimes more regularly and other times less so. Each work is available for a month and then it disappears again.


Follow @the_daily_paintings for the first release of new works. 

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