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The Daily Studies

I’m back in Scotland from my exhibition in South Africa and am happy to be resuming this project, with a slightly evolved approach. Each time I return there is a new opportunity to find the most interesting, liberating, exciting element of this daily discipline and lean into that more gently. At every stage - since day 1 and now after about 750 days of this project there are new and wonderful things to discover. I’m very grateful to have found a hunger for a daily discipline like this and it is a joy to share the works with a global audience. 

So, what is new this time? I wanted to find a concept and title that is open to drawing, painting and sculpture, one that reflects the evolving spirit of the project. At its core this is a daily exercise in making a connection; whether that be a through a study from nature, an inner reflection, a study for a larger artwork, or simply a meditation by making. I now think of this daily discipline as a core practice, something that I will have with me for the rest of my life. So I have changed the title to ‘The Daily Studies’.

Follow @the_daily_studies for the first release of every artwork. And here.

I will keep the price at £200, I think forever. I love that these studies are accessible to most people. I will post a new artwork most days. 


Born in the middle of the pandemic, this ‘Daily Paintings’ project was my DIY response to a world in shutdown. To try and find a new connection beyond the usual channels, I decided to launch myself into releasing a small painting or drawing every day on Instagram. I hadn’t engaged fully with social media until this point so it was an experiment with an unknown outcome. Initially I committed myself to making and releasing 100 paintings on 100 consecutive days. I priced the works at £100 initially and then £200 to be accessible to everyone, and in many ways removed from the rest of my practice; a wild outsider experimenting in the potting shed. Instead of stopping at 100 days I continued on for another 650 consecutive days, finding the wildness of the project inspiring. All of the works found homes, many in far away places. Some of the ideas and techniques that I have loved most over the past couple of years have grown out of the experimental chaos of this project. So I continue.. 

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